New Manager Playbook - digital edition - become a better manager today.

Practical Leadership Academy

Gift yourself the tools to be a stress-free, effective and successful manager from day one.

My students...

  • Have been promoted (100% of my 1:1 coachees have been promoted within 6 months)
  • Are successful (100% of my 1:1 coachees say that I have helped them to do more, better, faster than before)

What you'll learn:

✅ How to set yourself and your team up for success.

✅ What the right mind-set is for a great manager (hint: it's nothing to do with you).

✅ How to get at least 25% of your time back by looking at your calendar in a new way.

✅ How to get work done, keep your people on track, deal with problems when they arise.

✅ Hire. Fire. Coach. Hold 1:1s that actually drive your team forward and that people want to come to.

Everything you need to become a really good manager. Everything you need to make an immediate impact.

🎁 Bonus #1 - get 70+ pages of worksheets, guides, templates and checklists you can edit to work for you!

🎁 Bonus #2 - At any time if you're not 100% happy - I'll refund your course fee in full. No questions asked.

What People Are Saying:

✅ I love your humour as you take us through. ✅ You give great insight to topics that can be a little challenging to cover in a fun way. -Ruth

The shorter sessions allow time to really reflect on the key learnings from each session - whilst also leaving plenty of brain-space for the rest of the day. A nice journey from start to finish in terms of progressing Leadership skills - with tangible things you can take out and apply to everyday work. -Max

I want this!
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You'll get:

2.5 short hours
18 practical video lessons you can use today.
10-20 minutes each
Instantly practical and impactful
Huge swipe file of tools, guides, worksheets
70+ pages of templates, worksheets, check lists and scripts
Leading self
Mindset of a practical leader | Managing from your strengths | Managing time & setting priorities | The power of saying ‘no’ to anyone | Handling impostor syndrome | Procrastination cures | Practical stress management | How to listen
Leading others
Hiring with data | Firing with compassion | Set expectations to drive performance | Holding people accountable | Give feedback that develops people | Difficult conversations made easier | Practical delegation – tight, loose, tight | Practical and effective 1:1s | Managing conflict | Practical coaching

New Manager Playbook - digital edition - become a better manager today.

I want this!